Boo! It’s Halloween – A Great Moment to Invite Fans to Play Spooky Games

Halloween is a big time of year for many sectors, such as toys, home décor, make-up, and of course, candy.

It is also a great moment for businesses to launch original campaigns – even at the last minute. Surprise your users during this opportune period by providing custom-tailored mechanisms. From sweepstakes and giveaways to exciting user-generated content like photo contests, here are some fun ideas to capitalize on this dynamic holiday.


  • It is important to choose a simple mechanism with a theme that speaks to your whole community. For example, a black cat or a witch on a broom may not be for everyone. Also, fans are motivated by prizes and are more likely to interact with you the less time they must spend playing the game. Conducting your campaign on various channels can increase the recruitment of prospective members to your community.

Our Halloween Sweepstakes: Enter to win tickets to a special Halloween Night event.

  • You can also opt for another type of engaging mechanism that invites users to contribute their own content. Perhaps even more fun and interactive, this solution more deeply involves players and increases interaction on your Facebook page.

Examples include:

Open Quiz: Tell us about a funny experience where you were especially freaked out or the coolest Halloween costume you have ever worn.

Personality Quiz: What character do you like to dress up as for Halloween – a sexy witch, a scary monster or a hilarious celebrity impersonator? 


Instant Winners

Start giving away prizes a week leading up to the holiday, saving the biggest prize for Halloween night!

Instant Win : Fans stay connected, looking out for general gifts and trying for rare, bigger prizes throughout Halloween night.

Photo Contest with Jury

By organizing a Photo Contest for your super-engaged community, you’ll be able to reach all your followers on Halloween night. Starting a week before the holiday lets you hype the game and get fans ready. One idea is for users to post a selfie dressed in their Halloween costume. Then, a jury will select the winning post and publish the best selfies on Facebook in a special, “Best-of” album. Your page will surely reflect a lot of community excitement.

Just be sure to set up the contest so that your fans need to make as little effort as possible to play.

Do you have any other Halloween game or contest ideas? Please share them here with the Socialshaker community!

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