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A tool to activate your online and offline audiences

Socialshaker is a platform that allows you to create marketing campaigns, distribute them and monitor their performance in real time throughout the year.

With the Marketing campaigns module , launch interactive operations (contests, quizzes, draws, winning moments, UGC, in-store operations, etc.) thanks to a catalogue of more than 40 ready-to-use machines. Work as a team on your operations with the Team module,follow the results and export the collected data from the CRM module. Finally, analyze your campaigns at a glance with the enhanced statistical view of the Analytics module.

To propose a more direct concept with immediate engagement, launch Instant Apps (without data collection). With the Timeline Contest module, manage your Timeline contests on Facebook and draw your winners (more than 10 criteria). 

More than 40 interactive marketing tools

Set up and launch cross-channel marketing operations in a few clicks (contests, forms, quizzes, winning moments, ugc etc.) and activate, engage, convert or even retain audiences throughout the year, while collecting qualified data.

The platform provides you with thematic templates (Christmas, sports highlights, Black Friday etc.) to allow you to launch your game more easily and quickly.

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Instant Apps with immediate engagement

E-learning quizzes, surveys, scratch cards, user feedback… quickly create and deploy interactive content operations to engage your online and offline audiences, enrich your editorial content and build customer loyalty. No data collection and in line with the DGMP.

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Analyze your campaigns with Analytics

Access an enhanced statistical view of your campaigns and analyze at a glance the data available on your visits, page views, rebound rates, geographical location, etc…

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Send targeted emails with our Emailing module

Define your goals for sending emails and reengage your participants at the end of the operation or for future marketing games.

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Manage your Timeline contests on Facebook

Manage the draw for your winners from the timeline contests that you regularly organize on your Facebook page. Select your winners based on feedback or comments in a few clicks.

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Export your marketing data without limitation

Don’t waste any more time extracting your data campaign by campaign. Thanks to the CRM module, you have the possibility to export only the data that interests you thanks to the filtering options (.csv format).

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Work with several people on your campaigns

Give Socialshaker user(s) access rights to campaign(s) related to your account (available for the Marketing Campaigns module only). The user you integrate into your team has the same personalization rights as you.

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