Thanksgiving and Black Friday – A Perfect Time to Launch a Game

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are fast approaching! During this period, around 151 million* consumers will spend an average of $300 on at least one online or in-store purchase. In 2015, 72% of consumers made their purchases on Black Friday (73% online). 34% did their shopping on Thanksgiving Day (39% online).

This long weekend is an ideal moment to launch a campaign/game on your Facebook page or website. The first step is to get your community into the Thanksgiving spirit with special messages and visuals while announcing the campaign on your various channels. Next, create pre-sales hype ahead of your big event. Finally, customers participate in your game. Here are some game ideas that can best achieve your Thanksgiving marketing objectives:

* According to a study by Prosper Insights and Analytics for the NRF



Object of the game: Players “scratch” an image to find out if they win or lose.

This is one of Socialshaker’s most popular mechanisms with customers because of how much it can immediately delight participants. Offering instant prizes increases customer loyalty.

As a bonus, you can refer players to the spec sheets of products you wish to highlight.

Object of the game: Players share in order to progress through various stages and see what prizes are up for grabs.

Meanwhile, you can collect qualified leads all while customers are encouraged to be your brand ambassadors. Engage your community while you can!  

Object of the game: Users answer questions to discover their profiles. Then, they share their profiles with friends on social networks.

This is a great mechanism to generate sales and increase community loyalty at the same time. A personality test formed around a What-kind-of-buyer-are-you? theme engages fans and can redirect them to your online store.

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