Facebook script

Lucky one

Accessible via Facebook tablet, your website or dedicated microsite

Participants scratch the 9 images one by one and find out if they have won.

How to play

1. Complete then validate the form
2. Scratch boxes
3. Find out the results and share with friends


To start this campaign, log in to the platform or create an account.

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  • Gaming experience: Define 9 scratch images
  • Customizable elements: Choose the design of the scratch cases
  • Animation: Customize 9 scratch-off images to make your audience win multiple prizes.
  • Drawing lots on all participants
  • Generate virality on your contest with sharing options (available for all) and sponsorship options (Expert version)
  • Export the form data, export the score obtained by each player
  • Add a customizable button on the last page of your contest (redirect link to your website for example)
  • Custom fields in the registration form
  • Graphic customization without technical knowledge

Advanced Features

  • SmartURL – compatible on mobile, tablet (responsive design)
  • Campaign monitoring tab for analyzing campaign performance
  • Social CRM – export data on demand
  • Google Analytics – embedded tracking code (Expert version)
  • CSS control – take control of your campaign’s CSS (Expert version)
  • Geoblocking – limit country participation by IP address (Expert version)
  • Limit the number of unique participants and attempts
Diffusion Mode

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