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Open Quiz

Accessible via Facebook tablet, your website or dedicated microsite

Bases on the same concept as the “Quiz” campaign, “Open Quiz” is an open response contest. Prospective clients and customers directly enter their responses along with their ideas and opinions.

A drawing is also possible for all participants or a jury can decide the winner.


To start this campaign, log in to the platform or create an account.

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  • Receive community opinions on specific subjects (newly released products, user-experience, etc.)
  • Players can return each day to play, which increases engagement rates
  • Supplement your questions with an image, video or “Clue” link.
  • Customizable graphics with technical know-how
  • Multi-lingual campaigns: French, Spanish, English, Danish, etc.
  • Post game rules directly from your Socialshaker back office

Advanced Features

  • SmartURL compatible with tablets and mobile devices (responsive design)
  • Campaign tracking tab: analyze campaign performance
  • Social CRM: Export data on demand
  • Google Analytics: integration of your tracking code (Expert version)
  • CSS Control: take control of the CSS of your campaign (Expert version)
  • Geo-blocking: limit participants by country IP addresses (Expert version)
Diffusion Mode

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