A mechanism for every occasion

  • Application : Contact Form
    Fans can get in touch with you
  • Application : F-Codes
    Distribute custom discounts to fans
  • Application : F-Coupon
    Reward fans with exclusive discounts
  • Application : Fans Choice
    Fans select your best brand images
  • Application : FAQ & Support
    Manage customer requests
  • appli-gifts-rain
    Launch a "Gifts Rain" game contest
  • Application : Google+ Reader
    Display G+ content on your page
  • Hashtag Contest - Social Shaker - Twitter
    Hashtag Contest allows you to increase the number of hashtags of your campaign.
  • Application : HTML Tab
    Create a tab with your own HTML code
  • Application : Instafeed
    Show content from your Instagram account
  • Application : Instant Win
    Reward fans instantly
  • Application : Instant Calendar
    Choose the day you want to announce a winner
  • Application : Landing Tab
    Welcome visitors and make them fans
  • Application : Store Locator
    Display your business location
  • Application : Newsletter
    Get fans to sign up
  • Application : Open Quiz
    Fans respond to open answer questions
  • Application : Photo Contest
    Fans compete with their own photos
  • Application : Quiz Contest
    Test your fans and let them win
  • Application : Retweet Contest
    Encourage fans to follow your brand
  • Application : RSS Reader
    Integrate your feed into your page
  • Application : Sentinelo
    Synchronize your Sentinelo promotions
  • Application : Slideshow
    Share eye-catching presentations
  • Application : Sweepstakes
    Exclusive drawings
  • Application : Text Contest
    Start a text contest
  • Application : Timeline Contest
    Reward your fans for engaging
  • Application : Twitter Feed
    Integrate your Twitter Account
  • Application : Video Contest
    Fans vote for their favorite
  • Application : Youtube Channel
    Share videos with fans